Business hygiene: Support and Independent review

Setting up a process and reviewing it according to international standards and procedures is not everybody’s daily job. We provided some guidance to put this in place. Any feedback is welcome.

At Leading Technology, we have several decades of experience in setting up quality systems,  preparing organizations for official audits as well as performing peer audits. We have experience in customizing official guidelines towards the specific needs of industrial organizations.

We know that there is a big difference between “putting something to paper” and “putting something to work”. Solutions are only durable, if they benefit the organization and workers understand and support the benefits.

If you need more information our would like to have support, or have your work reviewed independently, you are welcome to contact us.

Possible support:

  • Preparing the organization
  • Risk assessment
  • Designing corrective actions
  • Process review


A structured way to be prepared for pandemics exists. It is an add-on to existing methods, and can be applied by people who are familiar with quality systems.

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